Nowicki Carbone is a team of expert lawyers specialising in Personal Injury compensation claims. Our areas of practice are: WorkCover and Workers Compensation, Transport Accidents, Public Liability, Medical Negligence and Superannuation and Insurance.


Nowicki Carbone was established in 2000, an amalgamation of two experienced lawyers Tony Carbone and Harry Nowicki. In 2010, the Firm restructured its partnership and farewelled co-founding partner Harry Nowicki. With nearly two decades of proven experience, the firm has emerged with a reputation for its excellence in personal injury law.


Nowicki Carbone is an enthusiastic, experienced, evolving and compassionate firm. The team have chosen to be plaintiff lawyers and often represent the people that no one else will. Nowicki Carbone Lawyers are passionate about fighting for justice and ensuring their clients are compensated accordingly.

The firms ethos is built on the following principles:

  • Strength & Enthusiasm: No case is too big or too small for this firm and as a team we work together to ensure clients with a claim are compensated.
  • Care & Consideration: For each other and especially our clients, each case is treated with empathy and understanding.
  • Culturally Diverse: The firm prides itself on being able to help everyone with a real claim and as such many languages are spoken. If we don’t speak your language we will engage an interpreter who can.
  • Flexibility & Efficiency: We understand that many people who suffer an injury can’t always come to us, so we are more than happy to come to you and assist you with your matter.